Thursday, January 2, 2014

What is Style

In Webster's dictionary defined the word "style" as conformity to a recognized standard; manner which is deemed elegant and appropriate, especially in social demeanor fashion.  Oftentimes, you might find yourself admiring the style of a celebrity, neighbor, friend, or family member; saying this person has style or they are very stylish in the way they carry themselves. Style can be subjective, its base on one views, opinions, or taste.  For instance,  liking the styling of an automobile, style of music, style of play in sport, however when observing style in men's fashion style takes on a different meaning.

In men's fashion, an individual sense of style can range from traditional to av-ant guard to all points in between. A gentleman sense of style can be created, developed, and be ever evolving; on a side note, a gentleman style should not confuse with the latest fashion trends.  An example of style is a gentleman wearing a suit, lets say he is going to church; wearing a well colored coordinated shirt, tie, pocket silk, sock, belt, shoes, and a hat.  This gentleman's style points would be finishing the outfit with a pin, or small flower in his lapel, or the appropriate accessories; a tie bar, bracelet, or fashion ring this becoming his signature look creating his own personal style.

Another sense of style is wearing the appropriate clothing for each occasion, albeit for work, social functions, or recreational. In creating your own individual style, several different looks that can accomplish; having a casual look, dress look, and leisure look; however the looks should be worn at the appropriate times and events.   For instance, leisure or exercise wear should not be worn as casual wear; going to the movies, or out for dinner date.  Exercise or leisure wear belongs in the gym or on the playing field.  There is much to write on the subject, in future blogs digging deeper on the subject of what to wear, and when it is appropriate, and how to create your own individual style.

Finally, one might say creating a personal style is confusing, too much work and time, too expensive, doesn't matter if I develop a sense of style;  who cares about my appearance. Individuals can be judged on their appearance; the statement a first impression is a lasting one, unfortunately is a true statement. Yes, it is imperative to create, develop your own sense of style, or if having a establish signature style, it's imperative to be evolving.  What is style?  It's wearing the appropriate, coordinated, well fitted outfits which bears to the fashion standards, adding your own personal touch, creating a signature look Style!

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